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Aaron “A Dolla” Freeman Wins Boxing Debut with a K.O.

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“A Dolla” is well known for his historic family owned night club Sugar Hill, in Brooklyn NY. He has always been a strong believer of having no limits and chasing your dreams. While having a successful run in the boxing world as a promoter, he was recently challenged to a bout in Mexico. “A Dolla“ never backs down from a challenge. After accepting the fight, he flew all the way out to Chihuahua Mexico to meet the challenger in the center of the ring. With only 2 weeks of training, the fight was short lived as A Dolla delivered a punishing body blow to end the fight in the 2nd round. This was a statement and the beginning of a professional boxing career for the Brooklyn boss. There are no limits to greatness and “A Dolla” is a living example of that.

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