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R. Baron and OVO Collaborate Again with “OVO x YNRTW” on Sirius XM

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Two of the most iconic hip hop labels of the decade, R. Baron and OVO, have announced another collaboration. The highly anticipated mix features new music and is now available on Drake’s Sirius XM radio station,  OVO Sound. R. Baron, founded by T.K. Kimbro and Picaso, has continued to expand their artistic collaborations and business endeavors with OVO, which was founded by DrakeOliver El-Khatib  and Noah “40” Shebib. Last month both labels received high acclaim after releasing “Talk to Me” by Drake and Drakeo the Ruler who was recently acquitted of murder charges and released after awaiting trial for three years. 


Both labels have consecutively placed first on the Billboard Charts in the last two years. Although R. Baron and their respective artists are new on the scene, in very short time they found themselves neck to neck with artists like Taylor Swift and Post Malone for the number one spot on the Billboard Top 10. Coming from humble beginnings in South Central Los Angeles, the realness and perspectives of many R. Baron artists and executives alike, creates a certain connection and bond between the collective and its fans that is increasingly rare to find in today’s music industry. 


Now, with over one billion streams, R. Baron has become notorious for curating almost all of the West Coast’s biggest hit songs in recent years, and discovering many of the hottest acts of today including Shoreline Mafia, 03 Greedo, Drakeo The Ruler, AzChike 1TakeJay, and Detroit’s Baby Smoove. 


Listeners are rejoicing on Twitter and social media every hour in a viral frenzy after the announcement of the Drake and Drakeo song, and continued collaboration of R. Baron and OVO. “Drake and Drakeo” began trending along and audience acclaim shortly followed.


In a special collaboration, both creative powerhouses air “OVO x YNRTW,” on Sirius XM’s Channel 42 in April. The 45-minute set includes new music by 03 Greedo who is still in jail and denied release, and Drakeo who was just released after being acquitted. The mix also features the collectives newest California rappers like Peysoh, among others. 


Source Magazine reported that “R. Baron and OVO fans can both expect original production, skits, and song blends modeled off the classic DJ mixtapes of the 1990s combining nostalgia with R. Baron’s signature sound that’s been dubbed as Traffic Music”.


The newly formed union between R. Baron and OVO shines a light in the rap scene throughout Los Angeles that has once again found its way to the global spotlight.


When Jeremiah “Picaso” Aubert, co-founder of R. Baron, veteran producer, and ear for music talent, spoke to Source Magazine on how he ended up cultivating a relationship with OVO co-founder Oliver el-Khatib, he finally gave fans some insight as to what catalyzed the legendary collaboration.


 “He was a fan of Greedo, Drakeo, Shoreline,” Picaso said. “Oliver started reaching out, and we started doing things—feeding him records early, getting his advice about Shoreline’s albums, behind the scenes. He gave me opinions, and I applied them to certain things.


The pair’s relationship apparently flourished since the success of their release in March.


Curated by Picaso, and mixed by HYPHEN , the “OVO x YNRTW” playlist is the result of a longstanding relationship and dedication to breaking the hottest new talent. Years ago, Picaso and HYPHEN created similar mixes on Picaso’s “Upandon1” tumblr page. These playlists included some of the earliest music released by the Stinc Team, Lil Yachty, Playboi Carti, Divine Council, Maxo Kream, and  others. The widespread circulation received hundreds of thousands of plays and notes on Picaso’s page, evolving to the Young N*ggas Rule The World mixtape series, and eventually expanding to a show on VICE’s Noisey Radio. Songs from those playlists eventually became door-openers for hungry independent artists who have gone on to become stars.


With OVO Sounds’ recent move to Sirius XM, Picaso and DJ HYPHEN saw the importance in  reviving a platform that helped shape several careers. “After seeing that OVO had launched a new Sirius XM 24 hour radio station, I decided we should bring it back,” Picaso says. “All the people that Oliver is a fan of came from what I did three years ago with the mixes.” He adds, “I’ve got all these dope records because I work with all these young talented dudes. So I created the mix and presented it to Oliver. He’s messing with it tough.” For Picaso and his team, OVO Sound represents a great opportunity. “This is coming full circle to all the work we’ve put in. Our ears are always keen on finding talent early. This is so dope to have a platform this big for premiering talent that we believe in. I’m already working on the next one.”

Listen to R. Baron & OVO Sound Radio’s “OVO x YNRTW” playlist:

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