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King Comeback B.Y.T (B*tch You Thought)

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King Comeback (also known as ComebackGAWD) is a rapper that is paraplegic from Stone Mountain, Ga. He’s coming out swinging with his debut single “B.Y.T” (B*tch you Thought). Himself paraplegic, has had enough of the world’s view and attitude toward people with disabilities and sets out to set the record straight with “B.Y.T”. “Disability does not mean Inability,” he says.

King Comeback was originally a schoolboy turned hustler until 2012 when he was shot and paralyzed during an attempted robbery. He didn’t let that stop him as he’s gained a degree and started two companies since that fateful day. “B.Y.T” is one of many songs he plans on releasing throughout his career as a hip hop artist. Stay tuned for more!

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