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The WestCoast Head Huncho Prime Minister is Continuously Finding Ways To Stay Creative and Active In 2021

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The real is back and the west coast is rapidly catching fire as we keep hearing new material
from the California “Head Huncho” himself Mr. Prime Minister. Prime has been working
expeditiously to get his projects done.
In March he released a new album called, “Get Yo Bread” which includes a music video for the
title track directed by Rich Rae. Produced by Young L and Lil Rece, Get yo bread has that west
coast mobb
style of music that Prime is so loved for.
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“I got so much material and so many projects that are in the works that things are starting to get
crazy”, says Prime. “It’s true that there aren’t enough hours in a day but It’s also not like I am in
a rush to just release everything either. I have no doubt that I will be able to complete everything
that I started. A lot of people around me keep me encouraged and inspired to create and keep
building and that kind of gives me a sense of duty to keep pushing and do my best as well. The
world needs to hear and see my work therefore everything that I am releasing is necessary
that’s all I can say”.
The pandemic has hurt businesses all across the world forcing many industries to readjust or
fall by the wayside. Fortunately music sales rose sharply in 2020 as more people turned to
streaming services leading to billions of dollars in growth. “That’s why I am so motivated to
keep cooking up this heat! The people want to be entertained during times like these and I plan
on saturating the game. Good music is timeless and the power of great music is not to be
Prime has been residing in Atlanta, Georgia this year working on projects like his Made album.
Staying independent and keeping all matters in house is what’s important to him. “We all got
over here so I can’t afford to take things for granted or just let opportunities go by. You know the
drill, it’s go hard or go home”.
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