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King Sump Productions Announces the Brand New Single “Big Cuz” by Nancie B Ft. Pastor Troy

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“BIG CUZ” is a single that will form an anthem on empowering minds. The song is a tribute to anyone who lost a cousin that they were close to. It is an R&B track that is bringing authentic lyricism and heartfelt messages and emotions back into the mainstream. It’s a creative and vibe single with nuances of musicality that is immersed in cultural diversity. A song for the world to grasp the importance and beauty of family Play, Download and stream this conscious banger! King Sump, Nancie B and Pastor Troy are here to change the game

The single was produced by King Sump Artist: Nancie B Ft. Pastor Troy
Title: “BIG CUZ”


Itunes: (Release on April 10)



Apple Music: (Release on April 10)


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