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Trap God Kirk – The One Who’s about to shake the Trap Music Industry

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Many listeners and music critics are harsh on rappers if they don’t have any motivation other than making money. But for Trap God Kirk, his goal is representing the Trap and staying original; nothing else! This is why he can pull from staying independent from any label and feeding his listeners some real good Trap music.
Born in Carol City, Miami, Florida, he knew from the start that greatness lies true in hard work and staying in his zone – minding his own business and being his own business. The powerful attitude, the sign of the greatest in the Trap, has led him to make music from the beginning. He has been running the streets when it comes to spitting facts on the mic – the reason why they call him the “Trap God Kirk.”
From the time he was going up in his hometown, he always focused on creating music. The hood he was in was full of stories, and it was his hobby to describe the world around him. But back in 2017, he recognized that creating music was something he could take to 100% compared to others in Trap music. But something happened in his life that made him the artist he is today.
The family has always been important for Trap God Kirk. For him, the loss of his sister completely transformed him. He got to realize what’s going on in the lives of the person living in the Trap. He knew that staying independent as an artist and weaving the Trap’s stories in his rhymes, and swerving in the streets is his thing.
For Trap God Kirk, the inspiration of staying a free and creative soul comes from artists like Trick Daddy, OutKast, 8Ball, and MJG. His music now speaks to the listeners and forces them to “Throw Your Hands Up” because he is the Trap’s God. For him, Eazy E was the first rapper who moved him to start creating music. He also puts Master P in high regard for the music he created and how he started his own wave.
Now, after learning from the pioneers and making music for a long time, he is ready to show his perfectionist musical side in his upcoming single “Showing Love” put all eyes on Trap God Kirk as this one coming on 1st April is a true homage to the GOATs like 8Ball, MJG, and Tela. The song will show what his fans will hear throughout his upcoming project, “Still In These Streets,” which is coming this summer. The project is almost complete, but he is doing his God-like final touches to the project before it drops.
For him, the people he has in the Trap are really important. He has some of the finest producers in the game, Modest Assassin, Notti Beats, ViK Payne, and NineFiveBeats. Trap God Kirk is tryna make it home for his kids – working all day and night to bring the bag for his fam. He, alongside his crew, is making short films and doing their best to represent the Trap. He is the artist who will shape up the landscape of Trap Music!

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