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Ruante Hit Song “Would You Mind?” x Dre Butterz

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Emerging artist Ruante, who was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, grew up in the church and at an early age he developed a passion for music. As a teen he wrote songs and studied the art of making timeless records. Being influenced by Usher, Ne-Yo, Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones. This Detroit native was determined to make authentic and substantial music. Ruante’s sound has a 90s vibe mixed in with today’s bounce and smooth melodies. Ruante remains devoted to connecting with his listeners and other artists to deliver timeless and inspirational music. After releasing a few songs and receiving such positive feedback, Ruante wanted to perfect his craft the best he can. His most recent song “Would You Mind?” has been buzzing and this is just the start of what is to come. This talented singer/songwriter is simply a refreshing, thought-provoking voice for today’s music and he is definitely one to watch out for.


Instagram: @iam_LaRuante

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