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Remember Her Name Nathalie Miranda

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Nathalie Miranda is back with a new song with ultimate impact. ‘Battle Scars’ is a journey back to a time when rock music ruled supreme. The opening line tells us ‘you must find strength’ and this is before we even get to the first verse. And the voice…well, you definitely can’t ignore it. Nathalie may be an up and coming artist but she is an old soul inspired by the greats in music; this comes through in her vocal and performance.

So what inspires Nathalie’s writing and what advice does she give to aspiring writers?

“I’m inspired by so many different things. It could be a situation I’ve been through, or things I’ve seen going on around me. Most recently, it’s been watching movies and hearing a particular line that inspires me to start writing around that. ‘Battle Scars’ started off with something my friend wrote on social media! So it’s definitely a combination of life experiences and things that spark my interest.
My advice to aspiring writers is to do what feels natural to you. If you’re writing for yourself, this is so important. It would be unnatural for me to write an opera song, for example, because that’s not what I feel comes naturally to me. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with writing in different styles for other artists or simply to practise your skills and experiment with the creative process.”

Nathalie’s passion for the creative process comes through in all her releases, from the simplicity of her first single ‘Red Light’, which is a real earworm, to the more complex ‘Catch-22’. One thing is clear; this artist will reinvent herself each time so her audience is always going to be anticipating something different. “I think it’s important to recreate, to reinvent as an artist. Staying in the same place artistically is never a good thing, for me anyway.”

In ‘Battle Scars’, Nathalie sings ‘you won’t forget my name’. And you definitely won’t after you hear this song. 

Check out Nathalie’s discography on her website

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