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Moe Rock releases “That’s the Way It Is” with 100% of Royalties Going to Charity

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Moe Rock has released a new track entitled “That’s the Way It Is” which is slated to be the first single from an upcoming album. The international Producer/Executive has pledged to donate 100% of all streaming royalties from the project to charity and philanthropic endeavors. The first single is put out in time for the summer with a fun, catchy flow and smooth style.

When Moe Rock is not busy as the CEO of a national media company, writing books or speaking he is often producing film and music projects behind the scenes. This is the first time he has stepped in front of the camera and onto the public scene as a solo artist in a decade. When asked why he decided to get back into the limelight this time as an artist he said “When I realized we could use this as a tool to bring awareness and resources to the various philanthropic endeavors i’m involved with it became a no brainer.” As a Film/Music Producer Moe Rock has credits with Hilary Duff,Charlie Sheen, D4L, Dem Franchize Boyz and many more. He earned a Gold Record Plaque in 2010 after achieving an international buzz in the Mediteranian and eastern European pop markets. He is currently best known in the states as the CEO of the Los Angeles Tribune and as an angel investor.

The first single has just been released on Spotify today and is expected to have an international release later this month. For more on Moe Rock you can follow him via instagram at

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