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Tia, Bounty Killer – “Nice Up” (Official Video)

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Tia taps the legendary Bounty Killer for a stunning visual to their new single “Nice Up.” Matching the audio’s energetic tone, the video presents both artists in multiple scenes playing off the Lyrics.

The visual starts with a clever skit to where Tia’s parents leave the louse to her. That leads to Tia inviting Bounty Killer and having a nice party at the crib! At the end of the video, her parents discover their mess, leading to hilarious banter.

Overall, it’s a fun and ingenious must not miss vibe that showcases the creativity of Tia. Bounty Killer’s influence was all over both the audio and video, which is no surprise.

Being one of the most accomplished dancehall lyricists and performers of all time, Bounty took it upon him to usher in the next generation of his genre’s stars. That’s where Tia falls into the picture.

Unveiling the video from his YouTube channel and constantly promoting it shows leadership and positivity in music that’s rare & wholesome.

“Nice Up” is a lovely song and video to brighten up the day, available on all DSPs & YouTube.

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