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Clint Billiam$ is diversifying the rap game with his sound

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Cultured in a variety of musical genres, Clint Billiam$ creates music that entices across all regions.


Lagos, Nigerian born musician Clinton has been bringing heat over beats under his hip hop alias Clint Billiam$. Inspired by the former president Bill Clinton, his name has been the talk of many hip hop conversations. After migrating from Nigeria to the US, Billiam$ got deeper into music spreading his knowledge over a wide range of genres. He would delve into developing his own style with influences from life and hip hop artists like Freddie Gibbs and Dom Kennedy, afrobeats artists like WizKid and Burna Boy, dancehall artists like Popcaan and Aidonia and British rapper Pa Salieu.


With his career beginning to piece together, Billiam$ decided to dedicate his craft past just rapping, but following in the footsteps of iconic producers like DJ Khaled, Kanye West and Kaytranada, taking helm of his projects to compose his own masterpieces. Between the period of 2012 to 2018, Billiam$ grinded his artform down to perfection as fans eagerly lie in wait for any new project from the multifaceted rapper. With the release of his latest single “Tables,” the wait was over, and it was well worth it. Fans have been raving over the Afrocentric hit. “Tables” displays the combination of musical traits held by Billiam$. Alongside Silva and Rui, Billiam$ delivered a banger to blast throughout 2021 and beyond. The song’s inception was fate. Billiam$ traveled to London for the carnival festivities, but with the pandemic canceling his plans, he would go on to link up with Silva and then Rui when he got back to Boston for the hit.


Billiam$ continues to release nothing but music that connects on a worldwide level. With a style that merges a variety of melodies and styles attributed to his ever-expanding ear for music, Billiam$ is a master of releasing diversified tracks with an interestingly fire sonic palette. Capable of meshes the cadence of trap, drill, boom-bap, west coast g funk, RnB, afrobeats and dancehall, he shows out on every track.

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