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Ukraine’s Tina Karol Releases Stand Out Single “Heaven”

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One of Ukraine’s brightest pop stars, Tina Karol, released “Heaven” towards the back end of her successful 2020. This single is another one of the few where Tina decides to forgo her native language of Ukrainian and use English lyrics.  


“Heaven” is eye-opening in all facets. The song features beautiful vocal sequences from Tina, paired with soothing organic instrumentals. The release has started to build anticipation about Tina’s next full-length project. 


An 8th studio album is expected from Karol later this year, following up her gold and platinum releases. Bentley Records will be distributing the album, putting all eyes on the New York based record label owned by Luca Dayz. 


Tina made an important appearance in the latter part of last year as well on Bentley Record’s collaboration track “Phenomenal” with hip hop legend Sean Kingston. 



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