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“Touchdown Juice Dropping His Debut Mixtape “The Landing” Later This Month!”

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Touchdown Juice is proving that he is the next independent artist on the rise. With over 200k streams on Spotify in the last year, the up-and-coming artist says he has more heat on the way!

From Florida all the way to Los Angeles, Touchdown Juice is not afraid to hop on any beat. Inspired by his journey, Touchdown Juice reveals his goal is to create music that everybody can relate to.
“My sound is unique because of the regions of the country that I have lived in.” He said, “I have been influenced from the south, Midwest, and west coast and my music reflects the cultures of all three. I like to create vibes based on the beat im working with also. The beat by itself tells a story, has an energy, so I base what I say on the vibe I get from that.”

This year, the independent artist is preparing to drop his debut mixtape “The Landing” and recently dropped the first single from the project! “Full-Court Press” is an up-tempo track produced by Skywalker OG. The single is already receiving positive reviews and fans are excited for the release of his upcoming project.

“My mixtape “The Landing” will be the first body of work that I will be releasing.” He revealed, “At first I wanted to just keep releasing singles to grow my sample size of music to gain a larger audience, but I realized the benefits of having a whole playlist/group of songs together that people can put on while they do any day-to-day activities”

Touchdown Juice is dropping his upcoming project “The Landing” on all streaming platforms April 20th, 2021.

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