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Musical artist Aaron Keel uses the power of music to share his story with the world

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Born in Illinois, Aaron was adopted at three-weeks-old by parents who provided him with a great life. They ended up in Madison, Wisconsin where he grew and expanded his interest in music, especially hiphop.

He started writing rhymes in 2006 and quickly found out that people liked his music. Prompting him to release an album to which he sold 2000 copies of it. In 2007, He also met Grammy award-winning International Artist Wyclef Jean in Miami and quickly became good friends with his sister Melky Jean.

He was also able to go to a lot of cities to support Melky Jean’s charity for Haiti called The Carma Foundation. From then, Aaron was able to network his way into getting on shows and tours with many major artists from 2006-2014.

The event that shook his career

“In 2014 my father who adopted me became sick and was in need of a kidney. Even though we were not blood-related I was still a match to donate my kidney to him. I was forced to leave the tour I was on and take three months off to recover from the surgery,” Aaron shared.

He also left his label to take care of his father but unexpectedly he died in 2017. This put Aaron in a dark place and didn’t have the motivation to make music. But in 2018, things in Aaron’s life shifted with the birth of his son and his reunion with his biological father.

“I do this now to give my family a good life. After a long break from music, I am making my debut return to music as Aaron Keel and have just released my debut single, Vacation, on all platforms. Now just looking to gain a following again,” he said.

Learn more about Aaron Keel through his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts or listen to his songs on Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

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