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Meet Equan, The Artist Behind The 813 Mix

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Hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida, Equan is not only a singer but a songwriter. He has a solid fanbase that he strives to ensure that they always get the best out of him. Equan grew up in Western Tampa and had some challenging moments. Like everyone else, Equan had to gather his wits and face the challenges. He grew up in Foster Care. It was then that Equan learned that nothing is permanent. He knew that facing challenges during childhood would not deter him from getting to his dreams. Instead, they made him become a stronger, problem solver, and solution-based guy.

Equan learned to take advantage of any situation. That spirit has remained in him to date. Since there were no live performances during the pandemic, he majored in creating and writing new songs. When the world is slowly going back to normal, he has the last laugh as he continues to drop his songs.

During the world in a frenzy, Equan, with his hardworking nature, created six new songs. After the pandemic, he plans to get back to the shows. “I live to entertain. It took me forever to transcend to music as seriously as I’m taking it now. I am a people person.” He adds.

He has in-house producers Laratabeats, Kindgenius, Twiztondabeat, and Joesobx, who work together to deliver the best quality.

Here are the songs he created

•The Come Up (My Story)

•The Come Up (813mix) ft Javon Black

•That’s on me

•#DeyGonActLike (Don’t Run)

•Tr3Sha (Disappear)


Get him on Instagram – @8_1_3quvn

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