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Taylor Elajas Debuts his Pop Culture Show Entitled Predawn Thoughts

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Meta Description: Taylor Elajas is making a debut of his pop culture show titled Predawn Thoughts. Get information on the founder, Taylor Elajas, and insights into what the show will be about.

Show name: Predawn Thoughts

Season: S01

Episodes: 1-7 


Bio of Taylor Elajas:

Taylor Elajas is a renowned name in the entertainment field. He is an accomplished interviewer, having sat with big names in the industry such as Rob Markman, Ron Suno, and Jaquae, to mention a few. To date, his entertainment network, EBNTV, has managed to garner over 11 million across several social platforms. 

He has received recognition by media outlets, Suburban, Say Cheese TV, and Amanda Seales. Elajas has been vigilant with his platform and has released an e-book in 2020 on leveraging social media platforms for digital marketing. 2020 was rather a successful year for Elajas, having amassed a following of over 100 000 and setting an excellent foundation for his digital marketing service. 


EBNTV New Show “Predawn Thoughts” will take the entertainment industry by storm

EBNTV’s debut for the show, “Predawn Thoughts,” is already receiving a lot of attention on social platforms. The founder, Taylor Elajas, has gone all out in bringing out your most awaited daily briefs and on-demand information. This allows you to share thriving entrepreneurs’ thoughts and the opinions and ideas of influential names in the entertainment industry. This will be among the many inspiring shows by Taylor Elajas to quickly update his followers on current global issues surrounding the marketing industry and the world of entertainment. He has done it before, and his content proved helpful to hundreds of thousands of followers. EBNTV shows have been graced by experts over time, allowing the viewers to see from their lens.  Among the shows include how to support your digital marketing efforts using podcasts, the use of disruptive technologies and artificial intelligence to enhance the digital experience, and much more.

Previous Predawn Thoughts will feature fun episodes that will include several speakers to bring you similar unique experiences. 

The public figures making an appearance in the episodes include Vivid Jay, Tai Dayy, Juwan Blaze, Shot by DP, and more. The first season of Predawn Thoughts is set to have seven episodes, running 16-30 minutes in length. 

The first episode will be a roundtable discussion titled “Is Travis Scott a Sell-Out?”. The discussion will be geared to get thoughts and opinions on whether Travis Scott has been making money out of his morals or impact on his fanbase. The second episode will be titled “Can you separate art from the artist?”. This is an excellent topic of interest, and the roundtable will be seeking to get different thoughts on whether an artist’s brand can influence the way we see his or her work. The third episode of the season will be looking to find people’s thoughts on taking back a cheating partner and will undoubtedly pique many viewers’ interest. The fourth episode of the first season of Predawn Thoughts will be whether it is true that men accuse women of things they’ve been doing. The fifth episode will be a discussion on who is more likely to get caught cheating between men and women in a relationship. The sixth episode will also be interesting as it will be on people’s thoughts on whether leaving your hometown is a success indicator.  The final episode, which will wrap up the show, will be on whether actions speak louder than words or the reverse. This will be a perfect opportunity for you to share your thoughts and have an amazing debate on the same.

The debut presents an engaging and interactive show whereby you will be required to pick a side on the different questions. Other previous related shows worth your while include “Decipher the Mumble,” “A Day in the Life of LJ,” and “Elajas on The Street.” “What side you really on?” Join the EBNTV forum and get the chance to contribute to the different topics and share your thoughts with thousands of other viewers. Be part of the roundtable and share your opinions on various exciting issues. Follow the link to participate in the Predawn Thoughts episodes, where you will pick your side and see other contestants’ views.  


EBNTV is a pop-culture platform pioneered by Taylor Elajas. EBNTV has changed the way people get information and insights into the entertainment world. We ensure that our followers get their hands on the latest news and hot entertainment topics through the platform.  The platform boasts over 11 million views across multiple social media platforms and has attracted over 100,000 followers. With the help of the EBNTV colleagues and followers, we are able to get in touch with what other people know and think about various topics of interest. We are a group of entertainment enthusiasts brought together for our love of pop culture to make the industry even more exciting. We use a wide range of techniques to collect information and enhance participation, ranging from street interviews, personal interviews with celebrities, and forums, to mention a few. We are available on a wide range of social platforms to ensure that our followers easily access information and shows, even if they do not directly visit the website. 

Register on the platform and subscribe to email notifications to get regular updates on upcoming events, new shows, and other activities on the EBNTV network. We have tags on Spotify, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The founder, Taylor Elajas, is recognized on Tik Tok for his viral videos and being a great celebrity interviewer. Some of his amazing videos include “Is Reverse Racism Real?” which also went viral on several social platforms.  His entertainment network, EBNTV, features content everyday covering different topics. That is, from entrepreneurship, debates on hot topics, digital marketing insights, celebrity interviews, and tons of other issues. The videos and content on the platforms are also sponsored by other content creators, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. 

EBNTV Website and Social Media Tags

EBNTV is available on several platforms. Here are the links to the website and social media platforms. 


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