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Talib Kweli & Sunny Anderson Talk Hot97, Bourdain, Emeril, Food Network, Race | People’s Party Full

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In this episode of “People’s Party With Talib Kweli,” Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with radio personality and Food Network show host:


Sunny and Talib’s long-time friendship set the table for some great conversation. Here’s what they discussed:

• Sunny and Talib meeting during a Hot97 event at a club in Brooklyn.
• Getting a gig DJing at a nightclub and interning for a news network while in high school.
• Early encounters with racism and what Sunny learned from her Mother.
• How Sunny got put on as a Hot97 DJ and a falling out later during contract negotiations.
• Sunny staying at Talib’s place after her move back to NY from LA.
• Talib’s grandmother Beverly’s advice of not limiting oneself.
• How Sunny’s catering business ‘Sunny’s Delicious Dishes’ came to fruition.
• Meeting Emeril Lagasse and how it changed the trajectory of her career.
• Sunny’s approach on her shows with easy to cook, everyday meals.
• Her invention of the ‘Infladium’, an inflatable snack stadium.

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