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Dubai Singer ekay Moves to Los Angeles and Releases “Nice”

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R&B singer ekay (Rogue City Entertainment) recently moved from her home in Dubai to Los Angeles and released her newest single “Nice”. “Nice”, produced by Versus is a soulful-meets-modern Lo-fi track celebrating the energy we allow to enter our lives.

At a time when there’s so much we can’t control, ekay sings about one thing that is malleable: the energy and light that we keep around us. “You gotta be nice to be around” ekay says; “and if you contradict [that], then there’s not much for you around here”.

The unconventional artist is a multitude of creative professions and dubs herself as a neo soul rap head. ekay’s bodies of work translate into intricate conceptual projects showcasing soulful sounds, strong lyricism and visual narratives.. 

Click here to listen to “Nice”:

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