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Moe Rick Gets Gritty On “How You Want It”

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Chicago-based hip-hop artist Moe Rick has been making a come-up in the hip hop lane since he began making music in 2009. He fell in love with music at an early age but was heavily inspired to keep going after losing his brother and best friend.

Moe Rick’s most recent release paints a vivid picture of the type of things he’s going through. Growing up on the south side of Chicago, Moe Rick has seen the worst of violence and danger. “How You Want It” is Moe Rick’s message to his doubters with lyrics about not being stopped no matter what the cost. The single features a hard-piano-based trap instrumental, bar for bar verses, and clever flows.

Moe Rick is reportedly getting ready to release new music soon, including an album that could drop this month. Make sure to stay tuned in by referring to the links below.

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