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Arut Nazaryan Embarks on His Next Venture with His New Single feat. Axxi

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Sometimes people know what they want out of life, but they must start out on a different path before reaching their ideal destination. Without a lot of startup capital, one might need to work in one profession before moving to where they really want to be. This is how Arut Nazaryan went from a cryptocurrency titan to a popular musician.

Arut graduated from Saint Petersburg State University in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in public finance. In just one year, Arut created a cryptocurrency exchange, a gaming platform, an analytical YouTube channel, production company, and investment funds. This exponential growth made him the youngest and wealthiest businessman in Uzbekistan, plus he was featured in Forbes magazine. In 2016 Arut completed his MBA in International Business. He didn’t stop here but took his education to its top tier, earning a PhD in international economics in 2018.

Crediting his massive success to the numerous opportunities offered by cryptocurrency, Arut now has even more focuses. These include additional company creation, growing his community, building a technical analysis team, and scaling his production studio. This last element directly ties in with Arut’s current passion: music.

It’s not every day that one hears about a cryptocurrency investor who makes the shift to a popular hip-hop/rap artist, but Arut’s versatility allowed him to seamlessly make this transition. In collaboration with well-known artist Axxi, Arut launched the hit single Сделал сам (Made it Myself). A clever play on words, one cannot help but wonder if Arut is referring to his businesses, his success, the song itself, or a mix of all three.

The catchy song and glam video premiered on YouTube December 14, 2020, and has 107,028 views. It also boasts positive feedback with viewers commenting they enjoy Arut’s work and asking for new content. At just 33 years old, he has plenty of time to decide which area he wants to focus on. Even if he continues to produce music, Arut can do so as a creative hobby thanks to his success in cryptocurrency.

Very few people can enjoy the best of two worlds, but Arut has done this with ease. Based on his formidable mind and multiple talents, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to see him exchanging currency during the day and strolling over to his studio to record new music at night.

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