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Up and Coming Artist Sydney Shea is Turning Heads in LA

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An ambitious driven, and zealous artist, Sydney Shea is climbing the ranks of the music industry. Growing up she was heavily influenced by her stepfather. Sydney knew one day she would create music herself as she grew more and more into the life of entertainment. At only the age of 19, she is already making great strides to fame, especially in the LA area. Pairing hypnotic pop beats with her captivating musical flows, it is no surprise that the spotlight is shining directly on Sydney Shea.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sydney always knew she would be a performer. Her love of performing arts, deep appreciation for music and encouragement by her supportive family to pursue her dreams, enabled Sydney to hit the road to stardom early. Not only can Sydney sing, but she can, dance and act, making her a triple threat. Although Sydney’s journey started in hopes of being a professional dancer, she soon learned her true calling was to become a popstar.. With the release of her first single “Upset” two weeks ago, she was able to showcase her talent to the world. .

Influenced by Brittany Spears, Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani, Sydney’s style features progressive pop, contemporary R&B, hip hop, EDM and soul music. Combining these genres and adding her own twist, Sydney is bringing a new flavor of music to the world. Her project features a wide array of emotions, moods and messages, giving listeners multiple musical dimensions to connect with.

Even though Sydney is rapidly becoming a well-established artist, her voyage to success has not been easy. Struggling to find her sound and perfect the production of her music, Sydney spent months learning the ropes of music and recording in her home studio during the initial COVID-19 outbreak. Fortunately for Sydney, quarantine propelled her to light a spark. However, after partnering with a management company to expand her audience, Sydney’s range of ability became very limited. Feeling constrained, Sydney made the difficult decision to split from the deal and utilize her creativity.

“So many people have come and gone out of my life so I’ve realized that so many things are temporary but I am going to be stuck with me forever. So I think being happy is the number one thing that matters to me most and doing everything I can to stay motivated and stay authentic to myself.”

Recently pairing with Pierre Balian, an executive producer and talent consultant in LA , Sydney was finally able to turn her dream into reality. Immediately after the two met, their electric relationship took off and Sydney was able to make her presence as a performer known. With the release of “Upset”, (available on streaming services, Sydney’s streams and monthly listeners are already skyrocketing. In addition to the release of her first hit single, Sydney released a music video for “Upset” on March 19th. After only being posted for three days, the video already has 13,000 views. Collaborating with Colombian artist, Kris R, to create this project, Sydney broadly expanded both her skill and audience.

As she continues to grow as an artist, Sydney is striving to keep her authenticity close. Being unique is an aspect of herself Sydney holds dear and that’s what has paved the way for her prosperity. The main message she has for fans is to always be true to yourself and never lose sight of what is truly important.

“What separates me from most artists is that I want to be that artist that’s real. Everything that is out there right now is very fake, social media is very fake. I don’t think the standard that many people are putting out there for everyone right now is a good thing. I want to encourage girls like me, or anyone for that matter to be themselves and embrace who they really are. That’s the most important thing to do in order to be truly happy with yourself,” said Sydney.

Although Sydney does not currently have many songs available on streaming platforms, there is a tidal wave of amazing tracks heading to the public soon including the release of her second single titled “Aura”, which is set to release mid-April. Working relentlessly with Pierre, the two were able to record more than thirteen tracks in under three months, with three visuals to match. By the end of April, two more songs will be released to the public, setting the stage for her upcoming album. However, the two will still be sitting on a gold mine of songs for a second album to follow.

In the near future, Sydney plans to release more songs with features, especially after her positive experience with Kris R. She plans to experiment with different melodies, sounds, themes, and lyrical flows for her up and coming projects. No matter what she releases, her enchanting voice will undoubtedly lure you in and her captivating music videos will leave you only wanting more. Keep your eyes open the next few weeks because Sydney’s dropping two unforgettable tracks.

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