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Prospect Mundo’s “Lost & Found” Showcases His RnB Skill Set

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An effortless fusion of 90s R&B and hip hop with Caribbean and Latin flare, Prospect Mundo is the next big thing. Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, he has amassed over 300k streams on music streaming services within a year of his breakout first single.

Prospect Mundo has a distinct, genre-bending style—one that finds its roots in the 90s and blends contemporary R&B production with international pop sounds. With his newest single “Lost & Found,” these influences came together to create a sultry and self-assured track that feels perfect as we move away from a cold, lifeless winter to a spring filled with sunshine, and, hopefully, going to lots of parties that are so good, we completely forget them.

When talking about the track, Project mundo elaborated: “Lost & Found has been many years in the making. I wrote and recorded this single three years ago and have been continually editing and reworking parts with my team for the past few months to make it sound the way we wanted. It’s based on a night we had at a popular Toronto club (same name) and just felt the need to write about it and create the vibe that was felt that night.”

And that is exactly what him and his team did. The song evokes imagery of a smoky club, filled with warm, swaying bodies, and illumined by flashing neon lights. The bass hits hard, and Prospect Mundo’s crooning voice hits even harder. This song is not about raging on a weekend bender; it’s about those moments of intimacy with strangers in hazy rooms, where physical chemistry is all that matters and it feels like the world has stopped outside that moment.

Prospect Mundo is a part of the HNTRS Club, which he describes as “… a collective, all artists in different capacities who’ve been a part of the same circles for many years and came together to create a new vibe for the city. From throwing parties and promoting events we looked towards what else we could become and music has always been an area that we’ve been passionate about so it was a natural progression into releasing music.”

If Prospect Mundo and the HNTRS Club are just getting started, then anyone who has any stake in music and casual fans alike should be watching out for him. With “Lost & Found,” as well as all his other singles, Prospect Mundo has proved once again that he knows what the people want… and he can deliver. On your first listen, you are bobbing your head and swaying your shoulders to the beat; by the fifth listen, you are singing along and adding it to the queue…again!

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