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4EvaKnockin shakes up the rap game with new album “86 To Be Exact”

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After making a name for himself with his hardcore lyrical style, 4EvaKnockin is taking it up a notch on his new album “86 To Be Exact.”


Born Trammell Johnson of Macon, Ga, the rapper has since adopted the alias 4EvaKnockin as he manifested his dreams in music into reality. His name has become synonymous with the original and aggressive rap style that he embodies when he steps into the booth. With musical influences like legendary heavy spitters Nas, DMX, C Murder, Pastor Troy, Camp Dark, DarkHouse415, 3 6 Mafia, Eazy E, Snoop Dogg, and Money Man, it’s no wonder that 4EvaKnockin has developed the sound that he has now evolved and made his own.

4EvaKnockin has since seen the fruits of his talent and grind in the reflection of his streaming numbers. Fans have embraced the rapper’s music and respect the quality of work that he continues to put out. Having achieved so much in the industry, he aims to take his platform and brand even further with the release of his new 19-track album “86 To Be Exact.” With standout tracks like “World Domination,” “Perfect Craft,” “Brand New Year,” “Da Invite,” and “Rock His Noggin,” “86 To Be Exact” is a hood classic.

“World Domination” sees the proclamation of just that with 4EvaKnockin and Rip G claiming their takeover with heavy lyrical punches back-to-back, matching the synergy of the beat. “Brand New Year” follows is a follow up to their declaration of world domination. Beside label mates Trap, Mickey Da Winner, and Rip G, 4EvaKnockin flosses on the top spot poised to become the seat of them all as they level up beyond measure. “Perfect Craft” makes a statement for itself. With bars like “I do what I do, you do what you can,” 4EvaKnockin, Mickey Da Winner, and Rip G separates themselves from the from those not on their level. “Rock His Noggin” showcases 4EvaKnockin taking the wheel and delivering an aggressive high impact rendition that is a sure street banger that would be woofing in the back of the trunk. “Da Invite” displays 4EvaKnockin’s versatility, switching up his sound to create the club sensation that is dedicated to the ladies for turn up vibes the gangster way.

4EvaKnockin is constantly working and promoting his music to expand his fanbase. His latest body of work, “86 To Be Exact” deserves its praise. Follow the rapper online and stream his new album.

“World Domination” ft. Rip G:

“Perfect Craft” ft. Mickey Da Winner & Rip G:

“Brand New Year” ft. Mickey Da Winner, Trap, Rip G:

“Da Invite”:

“Rock His Noggin”:

“Trap Spot” ft. Rip G:


IG: @4evaknockin

Facebook: Fa Eva Knockin (Tj)