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Scrybe Music Streaming App Details Are Leaked On Podcast Interview

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Last week Christian Phyfier, CEO of the new Streaming Service, Scrybe, was interviewed on Nick Jorgenson’s NTM Podcast regarding the details of the impending launch in June 2021. Jorgenson, an artist manager, playlist curator, and studio owner was the first podcast to release an interview.

The one hour long interview with Phyfier started with very discreet and alluring verbiage about that app, as the CEO has been advised to not release any pertinent information in regards to the business model, but soon after, Phyfier says “F*** it” and the gloves come off. Phyfier reveals how the streaming app is a per subscriber business model and how the app will focus on using micro transactions to not only pay the artists more but allow the user to pay less per month.

He uses an example using rap mogul Drake’s current Spotify streaming numbers. Claims that if Drake was to transfer each of his current 50 million monthly listeners from Spotify to Scrybe, the artist could be bringing in a recurring monthly revenue of 5million dollars or more.

Christian further uses the example showing that if he (Drake) went platinum on just Spotify (1.5 billion streams), he’d make around 6.5million dollars. With Scrybe, Drake could easily get the same pay rate as going 2x platinum every few months.

After listening you can still hear the young CEO is itching to tell us more, and he states that he still has left out some of the best parts that make Scrybe truly unique. The Scrybe business model seems to be an idea that may allow artists to go back to a healthy balance of touring and making enough revenue from their music sales, whereas the last 10+ years, many artists have had to tour to truly survive.

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