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Elijah Neeley – “A Love Like This”

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I would like to thank my pops Kevin Burroughs- Neeley for his help and for producing this record. So i come from a church background I grew up singing in church I’ve been singing since I was three but the bass guitar is my main instrument honestly the song is about having a love that lasts even through disagreements and things going wrong a perfect love basically so before the covid outbreak I was about to go on tour with an artist named Nikki Dawson for 3months in South Korea but unfortunately things didn’t go as planned I hope to tour in the future though I play a little bit of everything guitar, bass ,piano etc I also produce and make the songs myself this song wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Mike Picotte who mastered it he has worked with pretty much everyone in the music industry and also composer Benjamin Warren for doing the strings honestly I am a very emotional artists I have been through a lot in my life and I channel that through my music

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