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ATEE Drops His Anticipated Single “My Own Lane” On All Platforms

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On March 20th, Seattle rapper, ATEE, released his newest single, “My Own Lane”. Originally from Detroit and known for his authentic messages, ATEE picks up right where he left off rapping about “how no matter what the haters think or say, he will keep it pushing”.

This time around, ATEE chose to go with a more vibey type beat which is different from his past work. “My Own Lane” has more of an easier listening feel with a nice melodic flow.

When it comes to content, ATEE is as real as it gets, hence his Instagram handle @therealatee. Hurt by the past, the Seattle rapper has taken the approach of letting people know how he truly feels. When asked what the single was about, he explained, “This song is about focusing on yourself and not worrying about the problems around you. It’s also about promoting yourself at all costs, even if no one agrees with what you stand for or who you are”. Many rappers nowadays find it hard to open up about life but ATEE finds it necessary in order to help those who listen to his music.

Paired with the audio, ATEE recently flew to Las Vegas and linked up with videographer, Tanzi Media, and shot a music video. Filmed in 5k, the video is a high quality, performance-style video of ATEE walking around the Vegas strip staying in his ‘own lane’.

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