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“Alone” is the Latest Release from Steven Scope

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Growing up in a household where a heavily music-based influence surrounded him, Steven Scope has been waiting for the day to begin his journey as an artist. Playing two instruments and being involved in choir growing up led Scope to love all aspects of music between producing, singing, and engineering. With his career now underway, he recently dropped a handful of songs, including “Alone.”


Alone” is Scope’s first major release on Spotify and he set the bar high with it. The unique beat patterns and mix of 808s go complimentary with Scope’s melodic flow that he lays down on the track.


Alone” is one of many tracks that Scope has planned for 2021. Keep an eye out as he releases new music throughout the course of 2021; he is sure to deliver some hits.


Stream Steven Scope’s “Alone” on Spotify here.

Follow Steven Scope on Instagram here.

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