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Coming to America: The Austrian prodigy, Dave Rose

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Born and raised in the Austrian capital, Vienna, David Rose has adopted the stage moniker, Dave Rose to become an artist that holds promise in the future in the music industry. With his mother being born and raised in Kenya before attending college in London and building a career as an English teacher in Vienna, Dave became versed in the English language. Growing up, Dave was a talented basketball player and had dreams of hooping in the long run, but when tragedy struck on a personal level, his passion for music was ignited and he’s been elevating in that lane ever since. Practicing his craft and developing his vocals to a professional level, Dave began releasing hits for the masses. His work ethic in music reflects the same dedication of his athletic days. Combined with his creativity, Dave gains inspiration from all genres and experiences in life to create his unique mellow mix of singing and rapping.

Dave has since been building his musical catalog, each track different from the previous but still holds a special vibe all the same. While he plots moving to the US when Covid restrictions allow, he has linked with a Miami based management company to prep the filming and release of a music video upon his arrival. Before that, he plans to continue releasing music for his fans, and one of those comes in his latest release, “High Heels.” The track is a bouncy R&B jam guaranteed to create a good mood and is applicable in any situation. Whether in the club, chilling with friends, or driving in the car, “High Heels” is the perfect turn up track. Accompanying the single is a fun dance music video choreographed by Dave Rose himself.

Follow Dave online and stream his new single “High Heels” for some feel good music.


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