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MR 1204 Drops Classic Music Video ‘ What To Tell You”

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Mr. 1204 is the sort of artist to charm you from the get-go. His beautiful sense of fashion, together with his clever, catchy rhythm makes him a hip hop artist to remember. And that’s never been more true than now, when Mr. 1204 has just come out with a brand new, exquisite track, entitled “What to tell you”. The first thing that catches the eye about this new piece of his is the music video itself, which succeeds in creating a wonderfully sexy atmosphere. It features the artist himself and model and superstar Kendra Kouture, whose inherent sexiness and appeal definitely adds a little something extra to the mix. The way it’s shot also manages to compound the pleasure given by the song itself, making it an instant winner on visual platforms.

But “What to tell you” is also doing really well on a purely audible level. Mr. 1204 has always had a way for creating memorable beats. His voice is the sort that can play on repeat in your mind for hours, and his lyrics only serve to heighten the experience.

“I believe ‘What To Tell You’ is a bop,” Mr. 1204 says. “It’s a dope ass record that speaks volumes about a hustler who believes it’s his time and he’s going to do [things] his way. He’s paid his dues! It’s time!”

And that’s a feeling we can all immediately relate to, particularly after the mess that was 2020. Mr. 1204 brings out that desire to succeed in his listeners, and ultimately, that’s what makes him such an appealing artist. The song, produced by 2WO OFFISHALL, comes hot on the heels of previous hardcore successes, such as “Spendin All Night”, produced by Honorable C.N.O.T.E., and featuring Michael Stokes, and “Lost”, produced by PL12, and featuring RND Officially.

The new year may have just started, but Mr. 1204 seems bent heavily on making this year his own, and with tracks like this, we have little doubt he’ll succeed.

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