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Comedian Jmassiah Goes Viral

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Jmassiah is a 27 year old comedian residing in the Bronx, New York who is the owner of Winners Win Ent and a co partner to #viralgang. His unique comedic talents have landed him on various platforms such as Baller Alert, Worldstar, World Latin Star, ItsBizkit and more. He has gone viral for using the bathroom on the train, which was reposted by 50 Cent, Snoop Dog and Gille Da Kid.

Some of his biggest influences that molded him to who he is today are one of his good friends Kid the Wiz, Idrisslive, Aj Carter, Fatboy SSE and more. His motivation comes from his 3 beautiful children Malakhi, Maklya and Lil nugget who he grinds for each and everyday with hopes to one day to make it to Hollywood. Jmassiah believes in the power of manifestation with everyone he meeting to have some type of reason behind it.

Growing up, Jmassiah was always known for his great sense of humor and ability to make people laugh. He quit his job at Applebees to later pursue his career as a comedian and really took his career serious in the year of 2017. He was always told that he was funny which led him into growing his own social media account starting with 400 followers to 6K followers. During Jmassiah’s career, he has worked with Ron Suno, Daniel Jean, Prince Z Danny Duce’s and more.

You can catch Jmassiah every Friday in Yonkers hosting comedy shows at 15 Palisade Avenue. Jmassiah has dreams of becoming one of the best comedians, continuing to make people laugh and to be an inspiration to his children. “Life is short not to make every day great”. You can follow Jmassiah on Instagram @JMassiah90, TikTok @Jmassiah90 and on the series Juicy and co-hosting on Social Famous Podcast on Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music.

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