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Ray Ray Ospecial Continues To Make A Impact New Single “ Kill Switch “

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Ray Ray Ospecial Continues To Make A Impact New Single “ Kill Switch “

Ray Ray Ospecial Hits The Kill Switch And Heats Up The Streets Again While Incarcerated. After Recognizing his strong Social Presence and doing some research learning about his organic street impact as well  we decided to interview him Via Conference Call to help extend his reach

  • How would you describe your music style  ?


Raw , Original , Motivational …

  • What is the first album you owned?

50 cent get rich or die trying , it was a gift tho but the first album I actually bought was “ Take Care “

  • Where Are You From .?

Albany New York , LARK SIDE .!

  • Tell us about the first song you made. Was it a success or a failure?

The first song I made I don’t think I put out , but the first drop was lit everybody in school was goin crazy wen I stepped in, got home my Myspace was turnt up allat so yea ima say it was a success , it was a remix to GINGERBREAD MAN by Gucci

  •  What is the story behind your latest release ?

“ To be honest I been makin a lot of mellow vibe songs lately and the bros been telling me like yo we need another track like ENERGY , I’m like you know what I’m bout to give y’all a whole tape full of bangers IM ABOUT TO HIT THE “ KILL SWITCH “ .. I liked how that phrase came out of me sayin it I’m like that’s gonna be a hook , found the perfect beat and boom I went off shot the video not too long after . A lot of people been asking me to drop some new music so being I’m dealing wit my situation right now and they been supporting heavy with everything previously I felt like they deserved it so I had my people release it  “ .

  • If you could pick one or the other what would you choose, the money or the fame?


“ Definitely choosing the money , I’m trying to take care of the fam and the loyal people around me , it’s enough clout chasers out here “

  • After you get released what are some things you plan on doing and we can look forward to ?


Despite this situation God Been Blessing Me so I really jus wanna give back . On the other hand I’m turning it up a notch wit my music so expect A WHOLE LOT OF BANGERS AND VISUALS.

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