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Gifted Kobe Bryant and Lebron James Trading Card to Floyd Mayweather Currently Worth $15k

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Los Angeles Laker star LeBron James and former Laker legend Kobe Bryant are two of the greatest basketball players. Because both players played simultaneously, Kobe versus LeBron would have been considered the largest NBA final game ever held.

Topps created a trading card from Kobe and LeBron for the 2008-09 season, the year the two future Hall of Famers were expected to meet in the NBA final.
Unfortunately, LeBron and the Cavs lost to Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference finals.
It costs $15,000 on eBay and was recently given to boxing legend Floyd Mayweather by Wooter Apparel, according to Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson. Mayweather says he’s going to have LeBron sign the card, according to Boardroom.
Kobe and his legacy played an important role in the four-time champion who came to the Lakers in the summer of 2018 in hopes of becoming the next big Laker.
James had finally planned to sit down with Kobe on how he managed to play in the City of Angels for his full 20-year career. Unfortunately, this meeting did not occur when Bryant and his daughter Gianna were tragically killed in a helicopter accident last year. LeBron is always troubled by the idea of not having the conversation with the late legend.

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