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Famous Model Carlucci Keys shocks world with new look & fires his whole team for overlooking vital errors.

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As 2021 just begins Carlucci Keys is making a statement and becoming a household name, this year he has been all throughout the tabloids. In most recent events the model has taken upon a new look and now rocks a full beard, after many years of the baby face look, his past management decided it was time for something different. Representatives for the model say they are doing it for shock value to increase the conversations , analytics and engagement across all platforms that the model uses. As numbers and bookings steadily rise for the model the question being asked now is why would you switch up your look, why change anything ?
In recent press  publications such as Yahoo Magazine and Influencive , Model Carlucci Keys was spotted looking at a couple of errors just as he was reading the articles for his first time, it is said that only minutes after reading the paragraphs he would go on a viral social media rant and fire his staff, keys would go on to post the article on Instagram but later take it down.
For all inquiries regarding Carlucci Keys please contact him via all social media platforms at @carluccikeys

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