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Shon Kash shares his story to the world through music

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Detroit is known for producing hip hop greatness, and rapper Shon Kash just may be their next big artist.


Born Lashon Adkins, the 26-year-old native of Detroit has been on the come up in the rap scene. Blessed with undeniable talent, he has built a buzz around his rap alias, Shon Kash, a combination of his first name and his past obsession with cash. Now, his intentions are not only based on attaining fame in the music industry, but to also build up a legacy that will impact the world with his story and journey through life. His music is sonically on a level above artists that many consider lyrical. His ability to control flows and ride a beat places him in a category that few are able to compete within. Shon Kash, although still on the rise, has already shown that he has the skill and versatility to maneuver in the rap game and become a top contender for the charts. With creative production on the beats, and the raw, authentic, and personal bars that Shon Kash spits, he has developed a sound that is intrinsic to his style and music. A great example of this is his 2020 track, “Long Live Freak” dedicated to the life of his brother ‘Freaky B.’

Kash is a fan of the culture. Being surrounded by music for the entirety of his life, it was only a matter of time before he began on his own path to creating timeless music. His uncle, Chino, owns his own record label, Accurate Aim Entertainment, along with his two other uncles, Curse and Bless. Each happen to have a great influence on Kash’s musical career and play a major role in why and what he does. With their knowledge of the industry and the talent and dedication Kash has displayed, his future in music is within reach once he continues his grind.

To date, Shon Kash has had the opportunity to perform in a number of venues as he builds his following. One such performance that had a packed crowd rocking, was at a show at the Detroit Bullfrog club. Shon Kash was the star of the show and stole the spotlight with his vibe and cadence over the mic. It gave a glimpse of the energy that will be exhibited at sold out shows as he makes his way up the ranks in the mainstream limelight. Given the positive feedback from fans and compliments at places he’s performed, it was evident that his debut project was being craved. Recently, after the awaited delivery, he released just that in the form of his 7-track EP, “The Wonder Year.” The EP opens up the world of Shon Kash for all to view and connect with. His very heart is layered within the tracks. Throughout “The Wonder Year,” Kash becomes his most authentic self, giving fans a taste of who he is and the things that are held nearest to his heart. Some notable mentions that are drenched in emption and depth are “Boy Meets World,” “One on One,” and “In Living Color.” His flows aren’t simply the highlight, nor are the beats that compel heads to bob along. His lyricism and delivery make him a standout artist to listen to. Many in the industry has one or some of the traits mentioned, but a select few has achieved the level of having mastery over all when creating music. “The Wonder Year” is pivotal in illustrating that Shon Kash is one of those select few. Given he is still in the early stages of his career and he already has this much of a unique sound and talent, there’s no measuring the status that he can and most likely will reach.

The truth is, Shon Kash has shown great promise as an artist, and Detroit is surely proud to call him someone from their roots. Once Kash doesn’t slow up off the gas and forges ahead, he has a great legacy awaiting in the music industry. Follow his online presence and become acquainted with the artist and his musical catalog.



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