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Flawless Gretzky – “Dance With The Devil” (Official Music Video)

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Flawless Gretzky is a Haitian-Canadian rapper born in Haiti. He moved to Montreal at a young age where he spent most of his childhood. He ended moving to Miami Florida for school but he only spending couple of years there before Moving back to Montreal at the age of 15. He settled in Little Burgundy, a tough neighbourhood in the West side of the City well known for its hip-hop culture. That’s where he started developing interest in rap music. He was influenced by the hiphop culture and rappers like 50 Cent, Dip Set, Vado, Gucci Mane, but his Music career was taking a backseat to the street as young Flawless Gretzky started getting in trouble with the law.

His roller coaster life can be something you see out of a movie but he doesn’t glorify his street life it was something to brag about. Not a lot of rappers in his City can relate to his him but his music is just a reflection of everything he has experienced.

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