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BT The Artist is a rapper in his own lane and his new single “Different” states why

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BT The Artist has been rising in the industry with his unique style and talent. His new single “Different” gives insight as to just how he does it.

Bryanne Toney is known and respected in his hometown Boston Massachusetts due to the messages in his music and positive demeanor. His character has always been one of inspiration to those onlooking and his music connects the world to his story and vision. Continuing with the momentum that his sound has established, he has linked up with fellow Massachusetts artist, Chef Ried. The duo came together to bring a concept of BT to life over wax, and that led to the creation of his single “Different.” The song is a representation of BT’s artistry, one not influenced by lackluster rhymes and baseless subject matter, but top tier lyricism and substance that makes him a candidate for top five dead or alive debates.

Since its release, “Different” has been on the receiving end of compliments for the high standard of flows and rhyme schemes that brings the track together in a fluent yet energetic manner. The passion of BT as he raps in his signature mind blowing delivery makes listeners feel like they are standing in the emotions and the artist, surrounded by flames as his bars set ablaze over the lit instrumental. The title of the track is worth its weight in gold, for it is a perfect match of what BT is as an artist.

Alongside the equally talented Chef Ried, they showcase why they are a cut above the rest in the industry and how they continue to rise up the ladder while so many falls by the wayside. Everything culminates into something special on “Different.” From the lyrical acrobatics to the melodies, to the delivery, the song is a blend of raw talent, passion, and confidence.

BT The Artist has shown up and showed out, giving fans another beauty of a track with his creativity and heartfelt lyrics. Stream the new track “Different” and remain up to date on more projects to come from BT The Artist.



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