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Abdullah Mehmood: How He Followed His Passion and Excelled as a Rising Musician

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Abdullah Mehmood is an emerging musician from Pakistan. It is his passion for music that pushed him to work hard to learn and practice it. He talks about how he followed his passion for music at such a young age.

“I knew I will become a musician when I was a child,” tells Mehmood. He loved singing songs and playing musical equipment from early childhood. He went on to learn and playing music at a professional level. After doing hard work, he released his debut song Distorted. His debut song created a sensation in the music industry and made him a rising star.

“I got a huge motivation from the feedback I got for my debut song,” he notes. He went to Karachi and Islamabad on music tours in 2020 to explore his talent. Now, he is planning to release an album Dynamite in partnership with Rex Media Group and Showcase Films. “I am creating this album from the core of my heart. I believe it is what I always wanted to do,” says Abdullah Mehmood.

It is never an easy job to become a musician as it requires a lot of skills, knowledge, and practice. He says that he is blessed with exceptional music skills. He worked hard to groom his skills to convert them into real talent. Life and Starlight, his Singles and EPs, proves that he will become a star in the field of music. “I believe in chasing my dreams relentlessly through working as hard as I can,” concludes Abdullah Mehmood. His fans and followers are waiting for the release of Dynamite impatiently. It will surely take the music industry by storm as far as the current progress of Mehmood is concerned. He is looking for the best wishes from his fans.

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