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Tayyofficial Storms The Music Industry With His Vision”

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Famously known videographer Tayyofficial is taking the music industry by storm with his craft. The 22 year-old Philly native has made a name for himself after working with the likes of Calboy , YXNG K.A , Memo600 , CEO Trayle , Lil Man Man , Lil Muk to name a few. The latest music video he has worked on is for Memo600’s latest “Pistol Totin” which features Foogiano – it’s organically amassed more than 46k+ views on YouTube since it’s release on February 19th.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tayyofficial and when asked what he would advise up-coming videographers he responded: “Don’t feed into the lies & don’t sell yourself short it’s a lot of people that’s gonna say they got you if you take down the price or do it free but most be lies you gotta ask if it’s really going to benefit you in the long run if not then don’t do it.”

Extremely solid advise I’d say, if you know your value stay head strong about it! The right people you’re supposed to work with will come organically. Tayyofficial has had so much success off of remaining focused on perfecting his craft and maximizing on every opportunity that’s been presented to him thus far. I have a feeling he is on his way to becoming one of the greatest videographers the industry has to offer.


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