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Meet Multitalented Magi Camaj: An Entertainment Lawyer and Writing Wizard

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Magi Camaj, a Bronx, New York native, is undeniably a woman with many layers. Being that the Bronx is the birthplace of Hip-Hop, this has without doubt inspired her throughout her life. She is involved in everything music: through her writing, creative ideas, hip-hop tracks, and protecting artists, creatives, and many others as an Entertainment Attorney. The way that she balances her legal and creative side is admirable to say the least. Magi is a best-selling author who has published 18 books, 6-7 of which she published while she was in law school, from genres ranging from poetry to fiction to plays. Magi is also a lover of words all-around, being that she is a songwriter, a spoken-word artist, a writer for magazines that attract millions of readers, and an editor, helping edit books, such asThe Ethereal Hike by the legendary Styles P’s wife, Adjua Styles.
Her passion regarding protecting artists is admirable, representing a diverse pool of artists in the music and film industry. Magi Camaj and her law partner, Margaret Lee, are the founding partners of The Camaj & Lee Firm, a two-women Attorney Entertainment law firm. Being that they are both two Creatives, Entrepreneurs, and Attorneys, they are determined to help those who want to create their own way instead of always following the traditional way. They both talk about how important it is for artists to have a firm understanding of the deals that they’re getting into since the music business can be difficult to navigate without the proper foundation.
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