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Scooter Rogers elevates overlooked rap scenes dropping J.O.Y 2: The World

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Scooter Rogers has a multifaceted, innate, and raw talent balancing songwriting, hard-hitting punchlines, and a witty charisma with potent delivery.  A  force of hip hop Scooter can be captured in his catchphrase, “I’m a Rockstar. I just happen to Rap.”

 His independent Sophomore album J.O.Y. 2: The World (acronym for Jokes On You) is the follow up to 2020’s J.O.Y. and J.O.Y. (Deluxe) from this Portland, Oregon based rapper.  The album is a blend of synth-heavy West Coast beats, contemporary trap, and strip-club bangers with RnB bedroom vibes mixed in having a tendency to impress.  A lyricist at his core (proven with his searing Intro track), Scooter demonstrates his versatility with the ability to switch styles, moods, and concepts effortlessly.  It’s rare an Artist will pen tracks like Throw It Back or Sport Mode without it sounding forced and out of place.  Stand out tracks are  Thunder Clap, Field Goal, and Favorite Lie.  Closing out the album is F.Y.B.S. a genre bending, nu-metal influenced mosh-pit starter.  This album for Scooter Rogers fans will break new ground sonically from the previous work he has released  sounding more polished in the content it retreads.

Having an identifiably California influenced sound this PNW rapper is the product of the internet connecting and enabling smaller rap scenes that are seldom discussed in mainstream hip hop conversations.  Scooter is out to demonstrate to the world that the joke is on them and Mr. Rogers has something to say:

Don’t.  Be.  Sleeping.


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