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Hailing From Norway, LDE Smookey Drops “Anything”, A Melodic New Single Worth Listening To

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Today, the Norway recording artist LDE Smookey makes his global impact with his latest single, titled, “Anything.”
Smokey showcases his versatility by providing a melodic vibe as he displays the love he has for a female and that he is just about willing to do anything for her.
“Anything” is creative, powerful and a beautiful first impression of LDE Smookey on a widespread scale. He often shares that the influence for his music comes from his past trials and tribulations that he continues to deal with till this day. “I’m from Ethiopia but got adopted and grew up for the most part up in Norway because my parents weren’t in the position to have a kid at that time,” He shares. “That left me with abandonment issues so I never got any close with the family that adopted me. Shit was a mess at home, fighting every day, running away, picking me up in jail all that. Through all this I had music that was my thing, I’m one of those people who know since a jit that this is what I’m going to do with my life. 
He continues, “Music really got me out the streets and saved my life. Studio time got mad expensive so I bought a home studio and just locked it in. I’ve been doing music for about 3 years now and worked for this moment for about 2 years now and in and out of meetings, people wanna sign me. I Ended up starting my own label  “LDE” aka “Lucid Dreams Entertainment” with my manager Jim Blakely and the rest of my team while doing everything ourselves. This single is the first song off my project “Born A Star” that’s dropping soon, this single and the project is just a small little side of me as an artist, I have a lot of mad different sounds and vibes yall finna hear throughout my long career. Imma be around 4 a long time, Mark my words “
“Anything” sets up a big 2021 for LDE which includes more new music and an anticipated album, currently in the works. “The music yall gon get from me more than noise, sounds, it’s a feeling,” Smookey said. Be on the lookout for the developing international talent
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Photo Credits: Jack Nilsen (@JackNilsen)

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