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Infra Redd Black Drops New Single “I Think It’s Funny”.

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The infamous Infraredd is at it again with another westcoast banger!! The west coast heavy hitter known for singles like “Shake It” and “Bummin” , which have over 200k streams on all mudic platforms. Has recoreded another hit! The new hit release is called”I Think It Funny” featuring Flashy Rich.

Redd address all the haters, doubters an non believers who tend to switch opinions when they have something to gain on the song “I Think Its funny”. The calm cadance of the beat, and Infraredd aggression on mic, is what brings the energy on the song up with bars like “Ni@@$ are venom”. The hook provided by Flashy Rich, is just as aggressive as the verse. Flashy shouts at the fake people who use people for their personal gain.

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