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Keyon ft. Lil Man Man – “Tryna Get It” [Official Music Video]

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A Tayyofficial film has become a regular introduction among today’s hottest new music videos. The Philadelphia music video director has ascent to mainstream recognition in 2021 following 2020 filled with breakout hits and game-changing videography tricks. “I want to take my brand as far as possible but “Tayyofficial Films” is really just me so I’m going to most likely create a production company and involve a lot of creative people to take people’s visions and make it even better than they expected,” Tayyofficial shares.

The 22-year-old director, who followed by over 16,000 followers on Instagram as @tayyofficial_, have been admired by the new generation of artists for his unique creativity, special effects and vision. He adds, “Artists I enjoy working with is Yxng K.a, Lil Muk, NsuSheedo, Leaf Ward, G1000 & YungLiv they like my favorite artist to work with its a lot but they like family I stay locked in with them.”

The pandemic didn’t affect Tayy in the slightest, he continues: “Latest videos I’ve shot was with Memo600, featuring Foogiano, called “ Pistol Toting. “ Don’t know when it’s going to drop but definitely a dope video to check out whenever it does.”

On top of being one of the most sought-after directors, Tayyofficial is eager to inspire the future videographers entering the rap game and hoping to accelerate to the top similar to him. But Tayy advises those he is ushering into the game that they don’t need to follow the trends but set their own journey, pace and ideas. He further explains, “Don’t feed into the lies and don’t sell you’re self short it’s a lot of people that’s gonna say they got you if you take down the price or do it free but most be lies you gotta ask if it’s really going to benefit you in the long run if not then don’t do it.”

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