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Shining – Young Sixx feat Ddot

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While many West Coast artists rely on their street credit, and section to promote and build momentum behind their music while using the same blueprint and sound with the typical Gangster music or ratchet party content. Young Sixx out of the I.E (Riverside) to be exact is a fresh of Breath Air. His new single “Shining” even though a cover, shows just how talented he is as an artist as well as a rapper. The beat already alone gives you Positive vibes, and the hook grabs you and will have you singing along. Young Sixx displays his rap skills and delivery proving he is The best all-around artist emerging out of the west coast. The video gives us another side of Young Sixx as far as branding and reimaging and adding more layers to him as an artist. The storyline boasts how he wants to separate himself from the local talent and stand out, and he does exactly that.

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