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Planted Seed | Consulting with Purpose

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About Planted Seed
Consulting with Purpose

Planted Seed empowers and motivates teens to find their purpose in life.

At Planted Seed, you will experience:


Build trust & confidence in teens.

Each teen is a unique individual that has a reason for their path and we assist figuring out their “Why?”

Teens are allowed to express who they want to be in a safe place instead of who they “should” be.

Create a brighter future by working towards their attainable goals.

Identifying parents’ goals that are effective and realistic for their teen.

Jessica Connelly, the Founder of Planted-Seed writes:

“As a seasoned secondary school counselor, I witness several issues in families who struggle with their teens and what they want to do in the future. Planted-Seed sprouted in 2020 when I couldn’t really reach the students. These teens feel like they do not have a voice and they are being pressured from society and family to be something that essentially is not their passion. At Planted-Seed, we will be able to work one-on-one with the teen and also work with the parent to set realistic goals.

On the other hand, parents want their child or children to be successful. For example, parents want their child or children to take the traditional four-year college route. Some teens are not equipped for that atmosphere and may want to take another path. The teen and parent end up in student loan debt and sometimes the teen doesn’t even use their degree.

With my experience in the mental health and substance abuse field, I will be able to refer teens and families for additional support.”

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