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Boom Boom’s Top 5 Artists On The Rise

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Boom Boom ( @boomboomknuckles ) Alexsandrina Mavrianos founder of Loudest In The Room, one of the hottest media companies in the tristate, is no stranger to developing upcoming talent and finding hit records. The “Hot Or Not” competition is ultimately allowing upcoming artists to compete towards beneficial prizes to help alter their careers in a positive way. Buying into the challenge included artists’ tracks submitted to a label pool along with a chance to win a consultation with Boom Boom as well as an exclusive article written on Following an astonishing number of artists, Boom Boom picked the top five and collectively gave them the top prize of having their name published here on ThisIs50! Without further introduction let’s meet the top five:




Hippie Bloo ( @hippiebloo1 ) Julio Cesar Lora born and raised in Union City, New Jersey is putting the garden state on the map. From creating his own clothing brand AfterLifeParty(ALP) to graphic design, Hippie Bloo’s diverse talents are fresh and exciting. The out-the-box style, happy-trap rapper, singer, and songwriter brings a new sound to hip-hop. Characterized by his tattoos, facial hair, and hipster-like fashion sense Hippie is redefining the meaning of the word “trap” by shining light in a positive way through his melodic dope records. 


Being no stranger to the creative realm of things, it’s no surprise that Hippie’s fashion sense is unique, complimenting his lyrics that capture him at his rawest form. Releasing his first ep ‘Hippie In The Trap’ this year with influences of 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Biggie, Big L, De La Soul ,KRS-ONE and Wu Tang Clan can be heard, is truly when Hippie started getting the recognition he deserved. With features including rapper AllWell ( @allwellwrldwide ) the singles have clean mixes and well structured production. Hippie is putting his mark in the music world one record at a time check out Hippie Bloo’s ep ‘Hippie In The Trap’.



Hailing from Newark/East Orange, New Jersey Uno ( @_1_uno_1_  ) creates music as a stress reliever which explains why fans can’t get enough. Surprisingly being fairly new to the game, Uno’s mission has always been the same in each goal he lines up for himself. Not only does his music tell a story but his passion pours out while the young artist sings from the heart. 


Good vibes and good music is the secret recipe for cooking up, says Uno and explains he’s influenced by anyone who makes music that comes from the soul. The expression of their lifestyle, their lifetime, and everything and anything that embodies the artist in that particular moment in time. By tapping in to those energies he says he tries to give a little bit of him with each record he drops. We love that! Check out Uno’s newest visual for his record “Treat Me Bad” below:




BROOOOOOOKLYN! Yodz ( @iamyodz ) is a Brooklyn raised rapper born in the winter winds of 1991. Surrounded by legendary hip hop in an early age, Yodz found passion for complex rhyme schemes and lyrical stories while also learning to intertwine the two creating that gritty yet vibrant cultural sound that shocked and defined the 90’s era entirely. 


After years of paving the way for himself on the streets of NY. Yodz debuted in 2017 with the single CHAINZ, however It wouldn’t be until 3 years later where he would re-emerge with 3 New singles and that definitive sound that echoes like the greats before him with Blue Clifford being the latest. As hip hop and its culture see shifts through time, it almost seems to be Rappers like Yodz who defy time and remain timeless. That’s that BK for you baby! Check out Yodz music below:




I have to say it again. One more time for the culture. BROOOOKLYN! D Day Cruz known as D Day ( @ddaycruz )was born and raised hailing from a place people call “Murdamaid Houses” in Coney Island, Brooklyn. At a young age Day knew music was his way out of the streets overcoming many trials and tribulations yet still remaining positive for his family. Growing up listening to the sounds of Biggie, JayZ, Jadakiss, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg & more from the 90’s era, you can hear the homage he pays to those who have inspired him with a twist of r&b. 


D Day’s main objective is to give people hope through good music and to help motivate them through any struggles they may feel they can’t overcome. It’s clear as “Day” there is a bigger purpose and by helping even one person through his lyrics he’s accomplished his goal. Check out D Day’s newest single “Prey On Ya” below.




Lonnie D. Sanders better known as BossDog Wrek ( @bossdog_wrek ) is a well versed NYC rapper, clothing designer and an overall entrepreneur on the rise. Born June 13, 1993 Wrek’s parents had him during their senior year of high school and his humble beginnings that followed made him the person that he is today. From living in The Westhab Homeless Shelter to then living in public housing in Mount Vernon and White Plains New York, his hardships and struggle gave him a hustle that drives his passion and work ethic like no other. 


Inspired by legends such as “The Notorious BIG”, “Jadakiss” and “Nas”, he then began rapping at the age of 13 and gained a notoriety status from Wrek’s battle rapping and freestyling skills. Through the years, Wrek’s accomplishments kept evolving from B.E.T’s Sprite Hot16 in 2014 where he became top 3 out of 1800 contestants to co-owning an on-the-go hookah business, BBO Hookahs in Bridgeport Connecticut it’s safe to say BossDog Wrek is on a mission to create an empire by any means necessary. Wrek’s debut music video “YUP” solidified his presence as an artist by reaching over 65,000 views and featured a guest cameo from well-known Harlem artist Cashflow Harlem. BossDod Wrek is truly an undeniable rising star who has recently released two dope tracks called “Guerrilla Freestyle” and “Do My Thing” hosted by Dj Myte. Both are straight bangers that are sneak peek previews to his first coming project titled “Jungle Book” which is set to release in the Spring of 2021. Check out BossDog Wrek’s new singles below:


Ryver Bey 


And last but certainly not least an extra artist I had to mention is Jersey’s very own, Ryver Bey ( @ryverbey ) a 7-year-old recording artist, songwriter, and performer from the city of Asbury Park, New Jersey. Bey began rapping at the early age of 2, as most legends do, working with her parents who are also talented performers. Taking her musical aspirations seriously, her parents signed her up for a local music competition at the age of 6 years old winning first place out of 25 contestants, with most of them being over triple her age!!!  Prior to the pandemic, Ryver enjoyed her time performing up and down the east coast, growing her fan base and creating a name for herself. 


But this pandemic wasn’t stopping the young entrepreneur. While unable to travel and perform, she created a beverage company, named Ryver Bey’s Luxury Lemonade which instantly became a hot commodity and was placed in over a

dozen stores in her hometown and neighboring cities. Ryver’s first music video “Like Me” streamed over 370K, followed by her second single “Lesson Plan”, which teaches entrepreneurship while praising tenacity throughout the hardships of becoming a boss, pays homage to the legendary cut classic “New Jack City”, and has reached over 270K on YouTube in one month! Ryver and her crew manage to take on an adorable appeal of what it takes to hustle as a child. Ryver Bey has a genuine passion and love for the culture and it is only a matter of time before Ryver Bey hits the charts! Be sure to check out Bey’s website, and her single “Lesson Plan” below:

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