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BL Lucky Heats Up With “Yin and Yang”

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Georgia-based hip-hop artist BL Lucky came alive in 2020, releasing 3 singles and 2 EPs. Since his freshman year of high school, BL Lucky has been making music but didn’t take it seriously until 2019.


While listening to BL Lucky’s catalog, I came across the song “Yin and Yang.” The track sticks because of its unique vibe compared to the rest of Lucky’s discography. Starting with beautiful vocal samples, BL Lucky doesn’t waste a second on the heavy 808 set instrumental. 


“Yin and Yang” features real-life lyrics that speak life into the type of moves BL Lucky has been making. Switching between flows, BL Lucky breaks down his story and his come-up. The track really takes a turn during 2 different segments of BL Lucky speaking his mind while the beat rides out. It makes everything he said before come to life and engages his audience even further while listening to the track. 


You can listen to “Yin and Yang” here:


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