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We talk with Tom Francis about COVID-19 in NZ-21

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Tom talks Pool party’s, yacht party’s, New Zealand music festivals, Making music without travelling during the pandemic & more
Q: Tom how is Covid in New Zealand right now? We are all in and out of lockdown but after following your last few events it looks as though Covid is non existent there?
A: it’s been crazy, we have managed it really well so we haven’t had that many cases come in and when it first started popping off we all went into a pretty hectic lockdown where we all had to stay home for the most part, everything was closed & we could only send one person from each house or whatever to the grocery store and all that.
Q: That is crazy! Can you tell us about some of the events & gigs you have attended during this pandemic?
A: New Years was dope! We hit Rhythm & Vines in Gisborne for 3 days leading up to and for New Years itself then we went to Bay Dreams for the 3rd of January in a place called Tauranga which is a beautiful spot here in New Zealand. When this whole Covid thing decides to chill out then I highly recommend coming over for these festivals. Both festivals are run by separate friends of mine and they are both run seamlessly. Also the line ups for both are always next level. I can only imagine how hard it is to book international acts at this time but both festivals made it go crazy and did an amazing job. We were the only place in the world to have festivals like this and also having international acts like EarthGang, Netsky, Peking Duk, HP Boyz, Sub Focus, Peking Duk & more was sick.
Q: We see you have thrown some events yourself can you tell us about those?
A: Aw yeah you probably saw the yacht party and all that. I threw a party for fun & also for part of a new music video for a new song called “DANGEROUS” which is dropping soon. I also threw my birthday party out close to Omaha beach north of Auckland just this weekend gone. It’s summer over here right now so it’s been dope to be able to do things like this without having much hold us back from catching good vibes while summer is alive. I’m probably gonna do another pool party before summer ends, you’ll see it.
Q: How has COVID effected your music creation & career?
A: It has had its pros and cons for sure but all & all its been really good. It has given me time to focus on music more & make sure I can perfect whatever I am working on. The tough part is not sharing the studio with artists I would usually be working with. The songs always come out different when the vibe is set and everyone is working on a song together in the same room in person. I always find it really productive & the song usually comes out better or maybe its just cause I have a memory of it idk..
Q: Have you been performing or doing any of your own shows?
A: I have been focusing on more music & more videos lately. Right now I am sitting on the best music I have ever made without a doubt. I have some crazy new work coming out that is gonna surprise a lot of people especially my fans. Once this all drops then I will start to do shows here again but I just want to make sure I’m representing the best version of myself with my best music.
Q: Is there anyone from New Zealand that we should keep an eye on apart from yourself in the music scene there?
A: Oh most def. Ok where do I start.. m gonna list all of these in no particular order though. An amazing singer I have come across is Lindy or Lindy Joy, she is unbelievably talented & I’m really excited to see what she does with her music. Nouri is a singer who is amazing, she has come back from LA & is already well established internationally. Nouri has huge achievements in her career already. I have been working with a few others that I’m helping develop who I will be showcasing in a new series we are launching soon.
Q: Thank you Tom! Hopefully we can catch up soon once the borders are open.
A: Thanks for having me! No doubt.
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