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Portland Collective “La Familia” On the Rise With New Track Featuring Jim Jones

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Up-and-coming rapper Jasey Cordeta puts Northeast Portland on a huge platform by putting out a street anthem “Family Business” on Friday. The song features Roc Nation and Dipset artist Jim Jones and Cordeta’s brothers Swiggle Mandela and Timmi Hendrixxx. 

Jasey Cordeta and his younger brother Swiggle had met The Vamp Life CEO in the historically Black, now gentrified North Portland when Jones came to Oregon for a sold out show. 

“Jim Jones is one of my favorite artists and a legend for sure” says Swiggle Mandela 

Mandela and Cordeta recently dropped another song “Needed” with Westside Boogie that had clear West Coast vibes. 

“Family Business” is more reminiscent of New York drill rap, with clear west coast influences. The lyrics are filled with clever punchlines. It’s NYC meets Northwest. Jasey Cordeta and his brothers known as “La Familia” are definitely on the rise, make sure you remember where you heard of them first.

The record was produced by New Mexico producer Nike Boy who was introduced to Cordeta by his cousin Gabe C, who is a DJ for the L.A. Leakers show on Shade 45.


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