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Junior Mass Makes a Statement with New Song “24 Hours”

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Emerging from Boston, Massachusetts is fresh to the acne hip hop artist Junior Mass. With humble beginnings of only being able to record music within his church, Mass had to grind to the max in order to collect capital to pay for his equipment and studio time. His hard work has paid off, and now he is making a statement with his recent release “24 Hours.”


24 Hours” dives into the fact that although we all have the same 24 hours, little to no one is making the moves that he is during that time. He is built differently, and he makes it apparent throughout the entire song.


24 Hours” sets the tone for what Junior Mass has in store for 2021. Ride the wave before it’s too late; Junior Mass will be a star in no time.


Stream Junior Mass’s “24 Hours” on Spotify here.

Follow Junior Mass on Instagram here.

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